Essential Oil Storage

Date Posted:9 July 2016 

So you've spent good money on getting your top quality pure essential oils, now here are a few tips to ensure you store them correctly, to retain their efficacy.

1. Avoid heat

Keep you oils away from heat.  Prolonged exposure to any heat can change the chemical composition and evaporation rate of the oil.  You should avoid storing oils near the stove or oven at home, avoid keeping oils in your car or near a window.  If the oils are likely to experience large fluctuations in temperate, consider storing them in the fridge.  Most oils will store well in a refrigerated environment (at around 4 degrees celsius).

2. Avoid sunlight

Do not expose your oils to direct sunlight for any extended period of time.  The ultraviolet light and heat will change the chemical composition and destroy any therapeutic quality the oils may possess. Storing oils in amber coloured bottles can reduce the effects of ultraviolet exposure, but it won't eliminate it.  It's best to store you oils in a cupboard or an aromatherapy oils box.

3. Keep the lid on

Do not leave the lid off your essential oil bottles.  Doing this will expose them to the oxygen in the air, resulting in oxidation of the oil, diminished fragrance or evaporation of the oil.  Remove the cap when you are ready to use your oil, replace it immediately and ensure it is on tight.

4. Keep out of reach of children

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant based compounds and while completely safe if used in the correct manner, in the hands of children they can be dangerous.  Most essential oils come in bottles that do not contain 'child safety' lids, so they should be kept out of reach of young children. Consider keeping them in a similar location that you would store other prescription medicine if there are young children around.

5. Avoid plastic

If you intend making up your own blends in roller or spray bottles, do not use plastic containers. Essential oils have the ability to break down plastics over time and this will lead to contamination of the oil and possible leakage if stored long enough.  Seek out glass bottles and containers for storing your own blends - there is a large range available for sale on the internet. 


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