doTERRA LRP orders offer fantastic benefits

Author: Shaun Turner   Date Posted:17 August 2016 

Today we look at the two wholesale account ordering options you have to purchase essential oils and other skin care products if you are a doTERRA member. 

As a wholesale account member, you get access to an incredible 25% off the retail price of all doTERRA products.  To order their products, you can place either a STANDARD order or a LOYALTY REWARDS ORDER (or LRP order for short).  Now make sure you read this to the end, you might just be surprised what you are missing out on.

A STANDARD order is a simple one-off type order which you can place at anytime and do as many or as few as you like over the course of the year.  It is no different to placing any other regular order you may do through your other favourite online shops.  With a STANDARD order you receive your 25% wholesale discount but the order does not attract any other rewards.

The alternative and, as you are about to see, the smarter option is to place an LRP order.  An LRP order is a recurring monthly order that you customise each month by selecting the products you wish to purchase.  Now, at this point some of you may be thinking, ‘but I don’t want to purchase oils every month’ or ‘I can’t afford to be coughing up $100 or so every month for essential oils’.  This is where most people stop and don’t look further into the LRP order option.  Let me assure you, you don’t have to be spending big dollars every month and even placing a small order can attract some incredible rewards.

By placing LRP orders, you earn reward points on the value of your order and on the shipping costs.  That’s right, you actually get reward points (on a 1 for $1 basis) on the cost of your shipping. These reward points you earn can be used to get free product.  For example, if you accumulate 18.5 reward points, you can get a free Citrus Bliss (i.e. it has a PV value of 18.5) - NICE!

Depending on the PV value of your order, you will qualify for different rewards.  Take a look at the graphic below:


So to earn reward points on the PV value of your order (and increase your percentage), you need a 50PV+ order.  BUT!! - you get shipping points on every LRP order, regardless of the value.  It does not show that in the chart above but it’s true.  So essentially, you would get a minimum of 10 rewards points on every monthly order (i.e. 120 points over 12 months).  This is based on a minimum $9.95 shipping cost per order.

So let’s look at what could be a sustainable option for many people who want to attract the reward points but who do not want to commit to expensive orders every month.  To start, let’s just order 1 oil every month for 12 months and let’s not try to do a 50PV order, lets just focus on getting the 1 oil we really need/want to either - boost our kits, replace a favourite and well used oil or give an oil as a gift.  I can almost guarantee that if you are using your oils and experiencing the amazing benefits they provide, you will use at least 12 oils over 12 months.

Let’s say in month 1 you purchase a Lemon essential oil for $13.50 plus $9.95 shipping.  From this order you would get 10 reward points for the shipping.  You would not get reward points on the PV order value because it is under 50 (i.e. Lemon has a PV value of 12.50).  But that’s OK, you got rewards for your shipping.

Then next month, let’s order the OnGuard blend (this oil is incredible and we wouldn't be without it).  Cost of the order is $40.75 plus $9.95 shipping.  Again you get 10 reward points for the shipping but no other rewards because your OV order value is 37 (i.e. OnGuard PV is 37).  So now we have 20 reward points (10 from month 1, and now another 10).

Next month, we order the Balance blend.  Cost of order is $27.00 plus $9.95 shipping.  Again you get 10 reward points for the shipping but no other rewards because Balance has a PV value of 24.5.  So now we have 30 reward points.

So you can see that over that 3 months, we have only purchased 1 oil each month but we have earned 30 reward points.  Do this over a year and you will have at least 120 reward points (you have spent roughly $120 on shipping costs).  So what does that mean, well you can get free product to the value of 120 PV.  So let’s say you get Sandalwood (PV 78.5) which retails for $146 (wholesale $110) and you get Ylang Ylang (PV39.5) which retails for $81 (wholesale $61).  So you have just got $227 retail value worth of oils for just ordering 1 oil per month over the year.  I reckon that’s is awesome and that is in addition to the free Peppermint for being a member for 12 months.  So think of your shipping costs as your Sandalwood savings plan - that’s what I do - but you might save your points for other oils or personal care products - it’s totally up to you.

Now if your monthly order was over 50PV at any time, you would get even more points but I will cover this off in another blog.

One thing to remember - your points expire 12 months after earning them so make sure you use them!

So the point is, do not view the LRP order option as being locked into expensive monthly orders with no benefit.  There are real benefits and it doesn't need to be expensive. Remember, you are in control of your spend and you can dial it up or down as your situation allows.   And if you consider that doTERRA oils and their other skin care products make excellent gifts for family and friends, you can use your monthly purchases to accumulate these gifts.  So not only are earning reward points for yourself,  you could be giving your family and friends an amazing gift, that could make a real difference to their health.

Would you agree it was worth reading this blog to the end?  If you want to know more about LRP orders and how you can maximise your benefits while sticking to a budget, get in contact with us or speak with the person with whom you enrolled with doTERRA.  

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