Air Freshener

This simple air freshener recipe can be made in minutes and is 100% natural.  Take comfort in using it around kids and pets knowing there are no nasty chemicals being sprayed into the air.

What you need​

  • 5 drops of Essential Oil (try a combination of Lavender, Orange or doTERRA Purify® or doTERRA Citrus Bliss®)
  • Filtered water or Cooled boiled water
  • 30ml Glass Spritzer Bottle
  • Small funnel (optional)

Tip! 5 drops is ideal for a 30ml bottle.  Add more if using a larger bottle.

What you do

  1. ​Place the essential oil drops into the spritzer bottle (use a small funnel to assist).
  2. Fill the remainder of the bottle with filtered water or cooled boiled water.
  3. Replace spritzer cap and shake to mix ingredients.


Important! Be careful using around polished timber furniture or leather products as the essential oils may interact with those materials and cause damage.

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