Foaming Hand Wash

A natural foaming hand wash is one of the most popular ways to introduce the use of essential oils into your daily life.  Forget about chemical laden washes available on the market, a DIY natural hand wash is safe for use by all family members and is kind to the environment.

We use only doTERRA® essential oils when making our recipe because we have 100% confidence in their purity and potency.  If using other branded essential oils, do your research to be confident there are no fillers or synthetic oils used in the essential oil.

What you need 

  • 20 drops doTERRA® OnGuard Blend (alternatively try a combination of Tea Tree, Wild Orange, Rosemary and Lavender)
  • 175ml Castile Soap 
  • Filtered water or Cooled boiled water
  • 375ml foamer pump bottle (consider a PET bottle if using in wet areas)
  • A couple of drops of a carrier oil (e.g. Fractionated Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba etc.)  This ingredient is optional and is included to provide a subtle moisturising effect.

What you do

  1. Place the 20 drops of your chosen essential oils into the foamer pump bottle.
  2. Gently add the castile soap to the foamer pump bottle so as to minimise any frothing at this stage.
  3. Add a couple of drops of your chosen carrier oil (optional).
  4. Fill the remainder of bottle with filtered water or cooled boiled water.
  5. Replace foamer pump top and shake gently to combine the ingredients.


Tip! Using a foamer pump is an economical way to get the best value from your Castile soap.  Using only 175ml of Castile Soap per bottle, you should find a single mix will last a few weeks (or longer) depending on use.

Did you know?  We sell a Hand/Body Wash kit that contains everything you need for this recipe along with labels for the bottles.  To view our kit click HERE.